Thursday, March 15th, 2012-4:30 Ballet w/Megan & Rebecca~Jazz/Tap 5:30-Stretch; 6:30 Ballet w/Ceci-Tango 7PM Rusty & Joanne

Good Morning Dancers & Readers,

Arizona Ballet Theatre's Thursday Dance Schedule is a non-stop extravaganza beginning promptly in BOTH Studios at 4:30pm, straight through until 8pm.

Of course, Tango with Rusty & Joanne will continue in Studio II even later...

Yesterday's afternoon attendance was definitely affected by School Vacation in some cases, and the exact opposite - school activities - in others. Those who attended their classes danced beautifully; to the rest of you, please make a better effort to attend:)

An ABT calendar note for you - this week marks the end of the First Quarter of the Spring Semester 2012. That means, next week, Quarterly Tuition will be due.

The New Quarter also means that we are truly in Performance Countdown Mode; the next eleven weeks will fly, even faster than the last! We will be dancing on stage at The Beautiful Stevie Eller Dance Theatre for "The International Language of Dance" 2012 before you know it!

The Performance Dates are June 2nd & 3rd, lest you have forgotten. We will start rehearsing in the Theatre on May 29th, 2012:) Remember our ABT Rules for inside the Dance Studio and out.

Number One - Listen to your own Body. Take get of yourself. Drink lots of water. Leave enough time for sleep.

Rule Number Two - No Collisions. Use space wisely and share the space your are in with those around you:)

I am looking forward to a busy afternoon of Great Dance with you:)

Miss Cecily On The Last Thursday of The First Quarter of Spring 2012