Thursday February 4th, 2016


  • We are busily preparing for our upcoming Spring 2016 Performances of "Arizona Ballet Theatre Celebrates Women!" Come Dance & Be Happy Today, Tomorrow and Everyday at Arizona Ballet Theatre!
  • This week in my blog, I explain why I have been placing Stage Tape Markers on the Marley floors in both Arizona Ballet Tehatre Studios. I discuss the different color markers and the value of them all in teaching you to become beautiful ballet dancers. In the words of the musical 'A Chorus Line' - "Everything is beautiful at the ballet!"  (Click on "Cecily's Blog" at the top of this page...:))


  • Last week, I addressed the Rules of Behavior expected of every dancer who studies at Arizona Ballet.  These are some of the traditional rules of Dance Etiquette, and you need to understand them in order to become the best dancer you can be!


  • Recently I focused very specifically on what you, as an Arizona Ballet Theatre dance student  - need to bring with you to the ABT Studios, every time you come, in order to thoroughly benefit from every Dance Class.  I want you to be prepared to truly dance your heart out! 


  • Reminder: In an earlier blog, I simplified how to go about making up missed classes within your pay period.


  • ​To review all this, just click on "Cecily's Blog" at the top of this page...;)

  • Seventeen weeks and counting until our Spring Performances 2016, June 4th & 5th!!! Yay.


  • World Peace Through Ballet and All Good Dance


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Slideshows - June 5th Dress Rehearsal of "Poetry In Motion 2015"
Onstage At The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre.
On The University of Arizona's Arboretum Campus
In Tucson, Arizona

Here are a few sample photos from Arizona Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker Party Performances onstage at The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre last semester.


To see additional photos, click on "ABT Photo Galleries" at the top of this webpage


Cecily's Nutcracker Angels

Cecily With Amelia's Rose

Norman's Ballet

Chinese Ribbons & Angels

Trepak With Ribbons

Nutcracker Party Tap

Norman's Modern

Nutcracker Warmup

Thursday January 7th, 2016

Our Spring 2016 Semester has begun. We are off to a wonderful start!


All our teachers and staff are excited about the upcoming Semester which will culminate with our June 2016 performances at The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, on the U of A Campus. As always, and specifically this Spring Semester, we are particularly focused on advancing your technical foundation as well as developing your artistic sensibilities. Expect a lot of drilling of basic technique,especially in all my Ballet Classes, to make you stronger, cleaner, and feeling great! By generating much desired Dance Endorphins in all your classes, 2016 wiloll be fantastic.  A great resolution, if you like them would be to Come Dance & Be Happy Today and Everyday at Arizona Ballet Theatre. What could be better?  


Congratulations on your performances at the Nutcracker Party at the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre on December 13th, 2015. I have always loved the informality of our Annual Party; I think it is wonderful and informative for our audience members to see the process in real time.  Good Job!


I plan on contuninung with our Party Tradition with more events in-house at the Studio. And...tada...


As I mentioned at the Party, in December of this new year, 2016, we will taking our Nutcracker Focus to the next level. We will be performing The Nutcracker!  Behind the scenes, and in classes,  will be addressing The Nutcracker Project - 2016 - all year long, including Summer Camp Sessions.


With enthusiasm, committment, planning and focus, together we will create a clever, fun, fast paced Nutcracker with exciting chalenges for all involved.  That is my plan, and I am sticking with it.  


Therefore, we all will be Busy, Busy, Busy as Ballet bees from your first class to the last rehearsal! What fun! Dance is a Performing Art;  How important to have performance goals to take us all to the next level...


On a practical note, please remember to return your Holiday Party Costume Bags, and please wash any leotards in the bag.  Only about half on the bags have been returned, thus far.  I would like them all back as soon as possible, so that I may put them away.   I need to focis on the June Performances, and Space and time are limited.  By returning your bag promptly, we can to get started on organizing Costumes for June and beyond.  Of course, Mr Walker is already requesting some wonderful items from our collection for his pieces. And I have been pulling them out.  So cool.   There is no time like the present.  Please, please, please remember to  return your bags asap!!!!!


You can click on the "Spring Class Schedules and Tuition Tables" above for that info.


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Happy Miss Cecily

Monday December 14th, 2015

Great job on Sunday at the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre.

Dancers, Teachers, and Helpers were all Wonderful!! And we had a lovely audience!!

Life is good!

Come to classes all this week AND bring your costumes back to the Studio when you come:)

We will be posting photos in the ABT Photo Galleries. Just click on the item at the top of this page. 

Delighted Miss Cecily


Sunday December 13th, 2015

Arizona Ballet Theatre's 13th Annual Holiday - Nutcracker Party happens today - Sunday, December 13th, 2015 - from Two to Four PM at The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, on the U of A Campus:)

Everyone is invited!!!! There is no charge for this event....

FYI - In case there is any doubt, Miss Jan's Sunday Beginning Ballet Classes are cancelled today so that everyone may attend our Party Performance:)

Norman will teach a warm-up for his cast and Teens and Up at 1:30 PM in gorgeous Studio 301!

Younger Dancers should arrive slightly before Two PM, in Costume and ready to move!

Bring your easy pick-up, Potluck Snacks - savory or sweet - to share on the plaza after the dancing on-stage is through..:)

I know it is going to be Tucson chilly, so wear a sweater or a jacket!

I cannot wait to see you all today:)

Miss Cecily Excited & Happy

Map And Directions To The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre - Including Parking

Map To Stevie Eller Dance Theatre In Tucson, Arizona USA ©Arizona Ballet Theatre 2007-2009|All Rights Reserved

Directions to The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre & Parking 


The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre is on the University of Arizona Campus in Tucson, near N. Campbell Ave.


From the ABT Studio on E. Sixth Street

Head West toward N. Campbell Ave. 

Turn Right (north) onto N. Campbell Ave. When convenient, get into left lane... 

Turn Left (west) onto E 2nd Street from N. Campbell Ave. Parking lot is on the right. Can use on street parking also.


From E. Speedway Blvd.:

Head South on E. Campbell Ave, 

Turn Right (west) onto E 2nd Street from N. Campbell Ave. 

Parking lot is on the right. 

You may use on-street parking, if it is more convenient.


From E. Broadway or from E. Sixth Street, where the ABT Studio is located.:

Head North on E. Campbell Ave. 

Turn Left (west) onto E 2nd Street from N. Campbell Ave. 

Parking lot is on the right. 

You may use on-street parking, if you prefer.


From E. Speedway Blvd. via N. Cherry Ave.:

Head South on N. Cherry Ave. 

Turn Right (east) at 2nd Street. 

Use on-street parking or the parking lot on your left.


Walkway to The Theatre:


The walkway is to the right of the tennis courts, as you head South from E. 2nd street or from the parking lot.



1737 E. University Blvd. 

Tucson, AZ 85719

The entrances are from the UA Mall, between N. Campbell Ave and N. Cherry Ave.

If you prefer, before parking, you can stop on the mall to let your dancers and their bags out, and escort them to the theatre before parking. You MUST NOT leave your car there. It will be ticketed after a while.

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker - Angels

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker - Spanish 

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker - Trepak 

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker - Chinese 

Friday December 11th, 2015

Good Morning ABT Dancers & Dance Families,


Our Annual Holiday Nutcracker Party 2015 is almost upon us; in just two days, we will be dancing on the Stage at The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, on the U of A Campus. The party will run from 2 - 4 pm on Sunday, December 13th, 2015. (You might want to drive by the Theatre in advance if you have never been there before….)


Costume Bags will be distributed all this week at The Studio. If you have not signed up to participate and you intend to come, please do so ASAP, so that I will have a costume bag for every dancer. I will do my very best to make sure that everyone has a fun Costume; we really do have quite a Costume Collection from which to choose. Keep in mind that I always try to bring any extras to the Theatre in case there are some last minute, unexpected participants. The more the merrier!


FYI - Girls, you should wear pink tights and pink ballet slippers, and please bring all your other dance shoes with you including tap and jazz shoes. Boys, bring your jazz and tap shoes, please. Dancers are always prepared for whatever may happen. Bring all your dance stuff just in case….


My hope is that everyone will participate in this fun, informal party which is an opportunity to get acquainted with “The Theatre Experience and the Magic of Dancing” on such a beautiful stage; the party will begin with a short warm-up on stage; we will then share our dance pieces with the audience (who will be seated comfortably in the lovely auditorium). Since this is a rather informal event, we may be running the pieces more than once. The goal is to have a fun, productive experience in a pressure-free environment.


After the presentations on stage, we will have a Potluck Party on the Plaza in front of the Theatre. Please bring savory or sweet, Pick-up Party Snacks that are easy to share. (Please avoid any items that might require cutting up and/or forks to eat!) Please keep it tasty and simple!


One other thought which would prove very helpful - if you know you are NOT going to participate due to a conflict on December 13th, please let me know that you won’t be coming. Then I will not worry about leaving you out, which I would never want to do!


FYI - there will still be a week of classes following the party. The semester runs through December 23rd :)

That is it for today. I am very pleased with all we have accomplished so far this semester and am looking forward to a great dance time ahead.


Miss Cecily, very excited for the days ahead!


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And, to view our slideshows, Click On ABT Photo Galleries at the top of this webpage.

ABT's Brief Photographic Vignettes

(For more extensive slideshows click on ABT Photo Galleries at the top of this page)

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker 

 Performance by Little Angels


Miss Cecily's Friday Pointe Class 


ABT Honors Our Heroes

ABT Honors Our Heroes On 9/11 ABT Honors Our Heroes On 9/11
ABT Remembers 9/11 ABT Remembers 9/11

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker 

 Performance of Spanish



Spanish Nutcracker Dance 

Miss Cecily's Friday Pointe Class

Nov 20th, 2015

Happy Dancers Posing For The Camera

ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker 

 Performance of Trepak



ABT's La Paloma Nutcracker Performance of Chinese



As you can see, our dancers love to jump! Great choreography comes to life every week at Arizona Ballet Theatre's Tucson studios.

Studio Jumping For Miss Cecily
Jump For The Camera
Dancer's Delightful Chair


Please Read Our Earlier Announcements to Make Sure You Haven't Missed Anything Important. Thanks...;)

Friday November 27th, 2015

Friday Pointe Hour, TODAY, and Saturday Classes with Norman & Mia, TOMORROW, are cancelled this Holiday Weekend only:)


Miss Jan will be teaching all her Beginning Ballet Classes this weekend, as previously discussed with her loyal students!


Many of us will be performing at La Paloma Resort Saturday, November 28th - TOMORROW.  The event will run from 5pm until Santa arrives at 6PM:)


Hope to see you there!


Have a great weekend!


Miss Cecily

Monday November 23rd, 2015

  • All Monday & Tuesday Classes will happen this week, as we prepare for our La Paloma Tree Lighting Performance this coming Saturday, November 28th from 5 to 6 PM,

  • Wednesday Morning Ballet Class will happen as well.

  • I always teach on the Friday Morning after Thanksgiving at 9AM:) 


Any questions? If so, please email me! E-mail:


It is going to be a great dance week!


Don't forget to Like us on Facebook! :)

Friday November 6th, 2015

Our ABT Halloween Party was great fun! We had delightful activities and lots of Dancing!!! All age groups enjoyed this party. Amazingly, not one little one cried the whole time.  It lasted almost a full three hours. The coloring center was a success, We featured outline photos from he movie "Frozen." Chic the photographer said he wanted to color too, but he was too busy... :)

Speaking of photos, we have posted quite a few on Arizona Ballet Theatre's Facebook pages - there seem to be two different ones so look again if you dint see the photo album.

Now we are creating a Halloween Eve Party gallery. Just click on the ABT Photo Galleries heading at the top of this page to see our fun party.  We intend to keep posting additional party shots for the next month or so.

Avery, Kiri, Mina, and Molly  working on a Ribbon Dance before their Jazz Class started today. Will this be part of the Holiday Costume Party this Friday? Come at 5:30 tomorrow and see...(;-)

Thursday October 29th, 2015

Costume Party happens Friday, that's tomorrow evening, from 5:30PM to 8PM:)  Be there or be square:)

Please, RSVP if you are planning on dropping in:)  So far I have only heard from a few....I'll be there, will you?

Looking forward to a lovely time, as always.  


All Classes are happening at ABT!  Come Dance & Be Happy Today & Every Day at Arizona Ballet Theatre!

Monday October 19th, 2015

Hello Dancers and Dance Families,


My Morning Adult Ballet Class begins promptly at 9 am.


I want to announce Arizona Ballet Theatre's Costume Party


This magical Costume Party will be held at our Studios on October 30th @ 5:30-8 pm.


Come As Your Favorite Character 


Refreshments will be served. 


There will be lots of Dancing, Refresments, and FUN!!


I can't wait!!


Looking forward to having a wonderful time with you! ...:)


Miss Cecily

Friday October 16th, 2015

My Morning Adult Ballet Class begins promptly at 9 am.


My Pointe Hour this afternoon will run from 4:30 to 5:30 pm:)


To actually be able to "DANCE" On Pointe requires skill, dedicated teachers, and experience. Good Dancers make it look easy! It is anything but easy!


Come learn how to make your ballet dream come true ...


See you soon!


Miss Cecily


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