Thursday, March 12th - "Homage 2009" Is My Personal Tribute to George Balanchine. It's Total Ballet Immersion Rehearsal Photos

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Elegant and Glamorous Ballet On This Deliciously Happy Thursday
Every Arizona Ballet Theatre Dancer Is A Princesss!!! or A Prince!!! -- Señora Cecilia
Ballet Dancers Really Do Turn Out Better™
"World Peace through Ballet™"

Good Morning Dancers, Dreamers & Optimists,

While Tucson's temperature cools down for the next day or two, our dance temperature is heating up. I am pleased with Homage 2009 progress which is, very noticably, a complete re-working - an adaptation, of my original idea - meant to accommodate an ever-changing population of Arizona Ballet Theatre dancers. This ballet represents my experience and artistic vision which is why, we continue to have so much fun while learning the beautiful language of ballet. One might call it, total ballet immersion.

Here's are some delightful samples of ballet immersion.

Homage 2009 is my personal tribute to George Balanchine. I am adapting the spiritual essence of his beloved 1934 Masterpiece created on students in 1934 way before the New York City Ballet was even a concrete thought. Dancing his famous ballet, Serenade, is in contention for most perfect dance experience of my (rather brief) performing career, each time - every time - I was blessed to dance it. Both the Boston Ballet AND the Deutsche Oper-Berlin had Serenade in the repertoire at that time. When he was alive, Balanchine was very generous with his brilliant ballets, especially this one; many, many companies around the world were able to perform this wonderful piece. Many happy Neo-Classical dancers of my generation, and every generation since. The U of A Dance Department has presented Serenade twice in the last few seasons, a total treat for me. Serenade is one of the rare masterpieces of the Performing Arts where Music, Dance, and Theatre Values converge in perfect harmony to the benefit of all. The whole is so much more than the sum of its parts. Magic. What dreams are made of...

Thursday's are busy at ABT. Be there, or be square, as we used to say (annoyingly) in Junior High.

I'll see you this afternoon with "Full Moon Attitudes" under Control and Moving Forward

And Now A Total Treat.

Lets Watch the sheer Joy of Arizona Ballet Theatre's Children's Ballet Student Dancers in Rehearsal

"Once We're Ticking, I Keep On Clicking™"

2009 ABT's Tuesday Children's Ballet Rehearsal
2009 ABT's Tuesday Children's Ballet Rehearsal
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2009 ABT's Tuesday Children's Ballet Rehearsal With Isabelle Flying 2009 ABT's Tuesday Children's Ballet Rehearsal With Isabelle Flying
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