Fall 2019 Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Pre-Ballet/Tap: 45-minute class designed for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds. An overall emphasis on having fun while learning coordination, balance, confidence, taking turns and following directions. Students in this class will be introduced to basic elements of ballet and tap. Appropriate shoes for both are required.

Ballet I: Introductory ballet, 0 - 3 years of previous ballet training. Basic elements of ballet will be explored, including plies, tendus, and traveling steps. 

Ballet II: Requires at least 3 years of previous ballet training. Each class will consist of barre exercises, center work, and across the floor combinations.

Ballet III: Requires at least 5 years of previous ballet training. Each class will consist of barre exercises, center work, and across the floor combinations.

Pre-Pointe: Requires at least 3 years of previous ballet training. Students must be enrolled in a ballet technique class to participate in pre-pointe. This class focuses on strengthening and preparing dancers who are either already dancing en pointe or who are interested in advancing to pointe work in the near future. This class can be taken on flat or in pointe shoes at the instructor’s discretion. Set exercises are drilled and mastered to strengthen the legs, ankles, and feet for working en pointe.

Pointe: Students will be individually evaluated by instructor. Proper fit and tying of ribbons will be discussed, as well as care, maintenance, and elements of technique specific to pointe work.

Modern I: Ages 13+, ideal class for beginners. This class will help build your foundation for modern dance. Class will focus on contractions, spirals, basic floor work and moving through space. Build core strength and flexibility in this encouraging environment. 

Modern II/III: Continuation of study focusing on traditional modern dance movement. Contractions, spirals, floor work, and across the floor combinations are technique focused. Concepts of space, time, and form are explored. This class will contain both technique and choreography. Please note the adjusted tuition due to the 2-hour duration of the class.

Jazz I/II: Introduction to basic jazz technique and movement. Class begins with basic stretching and conditioning exercises. Drills across the floor include kicks, footwork, leaps, and more followed by accompanying routines. All levels of dance experience will be accommodated.

Jazz III: Recommend 5-6 years of previous jazz dance experience. Must be able to do clean double/fouettes and strong split leaps. Class will begin with stretching and conditioning and will then move to drills across the floor and some choreography. Ages 13+.

Tap I/II: Class consists of warm-up, center, and across the floor movement. Students will learn basic tap vocabulary and accompanying routines. No experience necessary. 

Tap III: Recommend 5-6 years of previous jazz dance experience. Must be able to do clean pull backs. Class will begin with drills across the floor and will then move into combos/choreography. Ages 13+.

Adult Intermediate Ballet (Cecily): This is an open class for experienced dancers who love to dance hard and laugh harder. The class will spend the first hour at the barre, then will progress to center for the last 30-40 minutes. While the class is listed as ending at 10:30 am, Miss Cecily often gives students an extra 10 minutes. The floor portion of class is a great cardiovascular challenge!

We also welcome brave beginners, newly passionate about ballet, who are willing and able to deal with necessary frustration in order to learn by osmosis from more experienced dancers, many of whom have been studying with Miss Cecily since the day the studio opened (January 3rd, 2003). 

Take a chance. Come advance and DANCE and be happy, at Arizona Ballet Theatre.

Teen/Adult Beginner Ballet: Great for those returning to ballet after a break, or anyone who has had at least a year of ballet training. Basic Beginners through Advanced Beginners are welcome. This class does assume that individuals have a basic understanding of ballet terminology.

Teen/Adult Absolute Beginner Ballet: Have you always wanted to try ballet? Having a hard time finding a class for older beginners? This class is for you! We'll start from the very beginning, so absolutely no ballet experience is necessary.

Tuition Table



(For classes ranging from .75-1.5 hours)

1 Class/Week = $63/Month
2 Classes/Week = $119/Month
3 Classes/Week = $175/Month
4 Classes/Week = $228/Month
5 Classes/Week = $280/Month
6 Classes/Week = $329/Month
7+ Classes/Week = An additional $14 discount for each class

*Save 10% or more by paying for the full semester up front!*
(select semester payment plan upon registering during the first month of the semester)


Registration Fee: $20 annually
Single Class: $19 (College/Active Military: $10)
Pointe & Variations Classes: $8 each (College/Active Military: $5)
Modern II/III Technique + Choreography: $70/month (multi-class discount listed above will still apply)

Adult Division Class Cards:

20-class card for $325 ($16.25/class)
10-class card for $170 ($17/class)
$80 for a 10-class pointe card and $160 for a 20-class pointe card
*Class Cards expire 4 months from date of purchase*