Wednesday Classes

Hello Dancers,

ABT will be having classes today, Wednesday, October 9th.

We know that this evening is a holiday for some students. Nevertheless, the studio will be open anyway.



Tuesday Classes

Hello Dancers,

ABT will be having classes this afternoon, Tuesday, October 8th.

We know that this evening is a holiday for some students. Nevertheless, the studio will be open anyway.



Saturday Studio Updates!

Good Morning!  I am looking forward to a busy Ballet Saturday with you. Ballet Technique at 9am. Mini Pointe from 10:45-11:15pm. Teacher Training Session from 11:30-12:15. Jazz & Tap from 12:30-2:30 TODAY with Miss Willa!

Come Dance & Bee 🐝 Happy TODAY at Arizona Ballet Theatre!

Your Ballet Guide,

Miss Cecily


ABT Dancer Alert!!!

Work on our parking has begun!

REMEMBER THAT THERE IS MORE THAN AMPLE PARKING on the NORTH SIDE OF SIXTH, behind Bob Dobb’s & Rincon Market and beside Lillabelle’s Boutique (formerly Maguire’s Jewelry)!

Thank you,

Arizona Ballet Theatre

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Saturday Mornings are Ballet Busy at ABT! I am looking forward to my 9AM Class and more. Miss Grace will be communing with our Pre Ballet Pre Tap Stars in the Making beginning at 9:45:). 

Remember the beautiful song from A Chorus Line...Everything is beautiful at the ballet...

True! Come Dance & Be Happy Today!

Your Ballet Guide,
Miss Cecily

Make-Up Classes with Miss Cecily!

Hello Dancers!

We just wanted to remind everyone that Miss Cecily is teaching a Ballet class at 4:30pm each afternoon from Monday to Thursday this semester.

If you need to make up a missed class, people are welcome to come for any of those classes that they can.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Arizona Ballet Theatre

Halloween Week!

We have a special, spooky announcement for all our dancers: The week of October 24th-30th will be Halloween Week at ABT! Everyone is welcome to come to classes in their Halloween costumes (as long the costume will not interfere with dancing and taking class).

On October 30th, we will have our Halloween Open House. The studio will open up at 3:30pm, and everyone is welcome to stop by and observe our classes, get delicious treats and beverages, and take pictures in costumes!

Friday Announcements at ABT

Good Morning! It is Friday, September 13th. No worries. Dance overcomes superstition every time. LOL.

9AM Ballet Technique is about to begin. It is so lovely to start the day with Ballet. As you know, I am once again teaching Saturday, 9 AM Ballet Technique and the class has truly come together.

Tomorrow, after Mini Pointe, I will be holding the Next Teacher Training Session from 11:30am to 12:15 pm. Miss Calista’s Jazz and Tap Saturday Block will begin at 12:30.

I encourage everyone who studies with me to attend the Saturday Morning Classes with me! It is perfect as a make-up class, in every case.

Remember to study the Set Exercise Videos on our web sight. You can easily Jump Start your ballet training.

Remember these Dates :)

2020 Stevie Eller Performance Dates. May 30th and 31st. Please, plan your summer vacations around these all important, All School Year End Performances.

Next—Holiday Party and Potluck! Sunday December 15th, 2019 - 1-3 pm at Stevie Eller.

Next—Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 Halloween Open House Costume Party! 4-7 PM.

Final Note for This Morning- Sign Up Sheets for My Mendelssohn Pieces are in The Lobby, taped to the Studio 1 Glass Doors. Auditions & Casting for All sections are informally being considered currently in all Pre Ballet & Ballet Classes; I am introducing different combinations to see who fits!

So, when you come to Class THINK & BEHAVE Like A BALLET DANCER!

You can do it!

Miss Cecily

Your Ballet Guide

Monday Announcements at ABT!

Miss Willa’s new Jazz III and Tap III classes begin TODAY, September 9th, at 6pm and 7pm, respectively. I hope all our aspiring Jazz and Tap dancers come for class!

The sign-up sheet for Cecily’s Mendelssohn Piece is now up in the lobby! Sign up when you come for class, or email us!


Friday Announcements at ABT!

Miss Willa’s new Jazz III and Tap III classes begin on Monday, September 9th, at 6pm and 7pm, respectively. This will give us Jazz & Tap III ON Mondays with Willa and on Saturdays with Calista from 12:30-2:30 PM!

Heads Up! Teacher Training Photo Shoot Saturday, September 7th, from 11:30 to 12:15 + AM! Look the part :)

Jazz and Tap with Miss Willa!

Great News!

Miss Willa is back in Tucson, and will be teaching on Monday evenings beginning September 9th, 2019! 

Jazz III starts at 6PM, followed by Tap III running from 7-8PM. 

This will give us Jazz & Tap III ON Mondays with Willa and on Saturdays with Calista from 12:30-2:30 PM!

Come Dance & Be Happy at Arizona Ballet Theatre!

Your Dance Guide,
Miss Cecily

Saturday at ABT!

Good Saturday Morning!

Come Dance and Be Happy at 9am TODAY with me, Miss Cecily!

After Mini Pointe today—from 11:30 to 12:15—I will be conduction an Introduction to Teaching/Teacher Trainee Short Session. Anyone who is interesting in learning to teach and share the JOY of dance is welcome & invited to attend.

Following my Teacher Training 101, Calista WILL teach her Jazz/Tap Block from 12:30—2:30 PM, this very afternoon. 

ALSO—Please, share the news that Miss Jan’s SUNDAY Absolute Beginner Ballet Class is currently free for the First Four Lessons!

FYI—All classes WILL BE held Labor Day Monday.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you!

Come Dance & Be Happy, today and everyday at Arizona Ballet Theatre!

World Peace through shared love of Dance and/or Music!

Miss C

Studio Announcements — Tuesday, 8/27

Classes will be held at the Studio over labor day weekend!

Additionally, for the students in our Teacher Training Program, Miss Cecily will be holding a special workshop for you on Saturday, 8/31, from 11:30am-12:30pm.

Thank you

— Arizona Ballet Theatre

Absolute Beginner Ballet with Miss Jan!

Hello Everyone!

We are always hoping to get more new dancers to try out the wonderful world of ballet! Have you always wanted to try ballet? Are you having a hard time finding a class for older beginners?

As a special enticement, we would like to announce that Miss Jan’s Teen/Adult Absolute Beginner Ballet on Sunday at 9:00am will be FREE for the first four classes for new students!

This class starts from the very beginning, so absolutely no ballet experience is necessary!

Come and join the wonderful world of ballet!

— Arizona Ballet Theatre

Miss Calista's Jazz III and Tap III Changing Days!

Hi everybody!

Due to a lack of enrollment, and some enthusiastic responses to a change, we have decided to move the day of my Jazz III and Tap III classes. Instead of Monday’s, these classes will now take place on Saturday’s from 2-4 pm. This change will not be in effect for this coming Saturday, 8/24, but will start on the following Saturday, 8/31.

Again, this means that there will not be Jazz III and Tap III on either Saturday, 8/24, or Monday, 8/26. These classes will pick back up again on Saturday, 8/31, and every Saturday thereafter.

Thank you!

Miss Calista

Come Dance at 9AM!

Good Morning!

Rise & shine. Come dance to the music with me!

I have lots of new (to us! Lol) music from Patience Clements, Richard Maddock, and Michael Roberts—three of the BEST musicians to care about Ballet Classroom Recoded Music. Wonderful. 

And, I am obsessing about the gorgeous Mendelssohn/Isaac Stern Music which will anchor my NEW original choreography, in collaboration with modern sections choreographed by Miss Grace) on the stage of The Stevie Eller! Our integrated full length piece. Challenging & glorious. What could be better?

Remember to study my new series of Ballet Set Classroom Exercises and prototypes—The Miss Cecily/Sofia/Chloe project. :) With easy access to examples of the quality ballet technique—my style—on short clips, you can JumpStart your Ballet Joy!

See you at 9AM for Ballet Technique. I an revved up and ready to be your ballet guide. 

Miss Cecily

Come to Miss Cecily's Saturday Ballet Technique Class!

Hello ABT Dance Family :)

I am once again—after a break of a few years—teaching Saturday Morning 9AM Ballet Technique Class. 

This is an Open Class to Intermediate level dancers, mainly Teens & Adults. Advanced dancers will find the class challenging and fun! Less advanced Dancers who are brave and eager to learn are more than welcome to try. :) With the right attitude you will soar!

As you may or may not know, I have been teaching 9 AM Ballet Classes in our perfect Tucson location on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays since January 3rd, 2003. 

There is nothing better than dancing at 9AM!  

Please, consider attending my New Fall Semester Saturday Time Slot; you will get all the endorphins you will need. 

Remember to review all the Set Exercise videos that I have posting on Facebook and on the website. :)

We are already having a fun, productive, busy semester and we are just finishing Week Two!

I could not be happier :)

Thank you,

Miss Cecily, 

Your Ballet Guide