Come Dance at 9AM!

Good Morning!

Rise & shine. Come dance to the music with me!

I have lots of new (to us! Lol) music from Patience Clements, Richard Maddock, and Michael Roberts—three of the BEST musicians to care about Ballet Classroom Recoded Music. Wonderful. 

And, I am obsessing about the gorgeous Mendelssohn/Isaac Stern Music which will anchor my NEW original choreography, in collaboration with modern sections choreographed by Miss Grace) on the stage of The Stevie Eller! Our integrated full length piece. Challenging & glorious. What could be better?

Remember to study my new series of Ballet Set Classroom Exercises and prototypes—The Miss Cecily/Sofia/Chloe project. :) With easy access to examples of the quality ballet technique—my style—on short clips, you can JumpStart your Ballet Joy!

See you at 9AM for Ballet Technique. I an revved up and ready to be your ballet guide. 

Miss Cecily