Four New Videos!

We have four new videos on our gallery today for everyone to study.

Latest Waltz, August 2019. Left Side, from the front. :) Sofie/Miss Cecily Project

Short Frappé Combination leading into “the normal ending” -- High Pas de Bourreé into Fourth, Relevé and hold until you are ready for a quick plié into en dehors turn, clean close Fifth, sashé forward into relevé first Arabasque -- one relevé or many!

Chloe/Miss Cecily Project. The Brain Teaser Saut de Chat Grand Allegro!!!!

Chloe beautifully demonstrates “The Brain Teaser” Grand Allegro! On both sides. :) Still learning how to video my signature combinations in our Big Blue Studio. Study it.

Thank you, Chloe!

The Foot Exercise - Just do it!

Thank you Sofia, for demonstrating in pointe shoes. This translates into flat slippers perfectly. Do THIS to develop your “prehensile” ballet feet!

— Miss Cecily