Introducing a Special Opportunity for our Young Dancers in Ballet I and II!

Hello dancers, movers and shakers!

Hoping this new fall semester is treating you well and all our ABT families had renewing summers! I’m Miss Grace, one of the faculty members at ABT. You’ve probably seen me around the studio as I teach a variety of levels at our beautiful location in Sam Hughes.

As we continue our collective dance journey, it is important to push ourselves and work on furthering our technique and expanding our dance knowledge. For many students that means considering shifting dance schedules, adding classes and trying new things!

As you have seen, Miss Cecily has been posting fabulous videos of our “set exercises,” featuring our most advanced ballerina executing the movements to perfection. This is a great tool everyone is encouraged to use from home and practice in class. Once a student feels confident in these set exercises, they are welcome to move on and try a more advanced class. 

For our students in Ballet I who are eager to move up, we’ve created a special opportunity for you—the Thursday Ballet I and Ballet II classes will be combined for the remaining month of August in the hopes our young students can familiarize themselves with the movements and transition to more advanced classes, and ultimately spend more time here at the studio, indulging in the divine practice of dance!

I look forward to seeing many faces in the Thursday 4:30-5:30 PM sessions, were I will be teaching along with Miss Cecily, so that all students will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice and feel comfortable with their growing ballet vocabulary.

On a side note, I would also like to promote our brand new class this semester, our Modern I for ages 13 and up. This class is designed for our adults and teens who would like to learn about modern dance movement and try a different style. Please join me on Thursdays from 6–7 PM for rolling, jumping, spiraling, and traveling movement.

Thank you for your support and presence at studio. I look forward to seeing everyone at ABT in the near and immediate future. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. 


Miss Grace