Good Morning! 

The Loft is showing the latest Nureyev documentary this weekend. I attended yesterday, in Theatre 3, which was sold out:)

I found the movie to be very moving in that it captured much of the incredible excitement of the Man in his time, which is also my time. So proud to have ridden that beautiful ballet wave of excitement generated by Nureyev, ballet superstar extraordinaire!

However, it definitely did NOT feature the technically best film of Nurevey that is out there. For that, I refer you to The film the Loft showed a couple of months ago. I believe it was called “I am a Dancer” (and I particular enjoyed the footage of La Sylphide with the legendary Carla Fracci. )

“Nureyev” did show his fantastic speed in chaineés, for example, and his fierce attack, which is inherently exciting. “Nureyev equals panther equals stage magic.” I will take it! I absolutely want to see this doc again and again. 

Totally fun were excerpts of three interviews, at least, on the wonderful Dick Cavett Talk show; Nureyev’s fashion sense was on full display, as well as his unparalleled ability to be 100% present in any moment. I loved that aspect of this gripping documentary. 

Nureyev, the man, embodied pure dance energy in a way that nobody can ever possibly beat. Equal? Maybe..,
Is this doc a perfect portrait of a ballet superstar? Not entirely, but enough so that I look forward to more. However, I highly recommend that everyone who adores ballet and ballet history, go see Nureyev at The Loft. 

It does capture the magic of the man, his unequaled ability to engage his partners and his audience, and for that I say, “Bravo!” to everyone involved in the production of this latest attempt to illuminate one of the brightest ballet dancers ever to grace this earth. 

Go see Nureyev at The Loft. You will Be inspired. 


Miss Cecily, your ballet guide.